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Vietnamese Youth Foundation
"together we can make a difference"

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Weekly Youth Talk Shows

Tet Parade 2004 Images & Video

Parade of Homes

The Vietnamese Youth Foundation is dedicated to supporting the dreams and visions of young Vietnamese people throughout the world.

The Vietnamese Youth Foundation was founded in January 1994 by a group of committed Vietnamese Students. These students set out to create a project that would be community beneficial, empower and give hope to young Vietnamese.  Initially, it was designed as an educational tool and a meeting center to encourage these students to express their passion, to be actively involved in and to fully exercise their valuable talent to help their community, the result was far more inspirational than expected.

Our mission:

  • Recognize/promote the potential of Young Vietnamese talents.
  • Encourage Young Vietnamese to come together to share thoughts, knowledge and experiences.
  • Learn Vietnamese Culture and Traditions.
  • Be involved in local Vietnamese Communities and activities.

The Vietnamese Youth Foundation is a collaborative effort among youth and youth-serving organizations to share information, knowledge and solutions to promote greater Vietnamese youth engagement. The Vietnamese Youth Foundation creates the opportunity for every young person to be heard, leverages their voices to impact national and global agendas and provides tools, recognition and support for young Vietnamese who take positive action to improve our world - community by community.

"No matter what your age, get involved!
Make a difference today.......
Someone doesn't have a voice.
Don't let it be you...."

Tong Doan Thanh Nien Viet Nam
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