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Vietnamese Youth Foundation
"together we can make a difference"

Vietnamese Youth Foundation participates in numerous parades each year. Our extensive and dedicated members develop and coordinate each parade even from floats to martial arts demonstration.

Pictures Archive from Tet Parade 2003
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Performance and Concert
Tet Parade - Westminster, California
Every year the Vietnamese Youth Foundation fly high the freedom flags of Vietnam on the street of Bolsa Avenue in front of thousands of spectators. With hundreds of members, the group stands stronger each year.

Human Rights Day - Santa Monica
Human Rights Day was an opportunity for the group to come out on the streets on Santa Monica along with hundreds of other participants, advocating freedom and human rights for all humanity.

Martin Luther King Parade - Long Beach
Participating in the Martin Luther King's Parade for the first time, the Vietnamese Youth Foundation decided on a theme, reflecting on the idea of Human Rights and Freedom that Doctor Martin Luther King had fought for.



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