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Vietnamese Youth Foundation
"together we can make a difference"

Vietnamese Youth Foundation inspires the youths of today to discover and develop their personal best, to seek balance in their mental, physical and social living to make a positive difference in their communities and across the world.


Performance and Concert
Our performance at concerts and overall outreach are aimed at illustrating and highlighting the heart and soul of our culture. We follow performance with simple and fun ways for youths and adults to explore their perception not only on our culture, but others as well. Performing at local organizations, clubs, school, Vietnamese Youth Foundation tries to create an open, respectful spread of diversity with one another. With performances in colleges such as Orange Coast College University of San Diego, and University of Irvine, our performances are always based on tradition and sophistication. In every choral performance, our female performers are always dress in the traditional long and white dress called "ao dai" which symbolizes the custom traditions of Vietnam.







Tong Doan Thanh Nien Viet Nam
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