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On Saturday, January 27, 2001 at 10:00 a.m. in Prepartion, determination, and patriotism is how the Free Vietnam Youth Foundation diverted the disasterous weather forecast.  For months, the members in the foundation have been anticipating to march in the parade on Bolsa street in Little Saigon.  The purpose of the march is to represent our determination in bringing the flag back to our fatherland once there is true freedom, democracy and human rights.

The different layers of outfit in the march represents different generations of Vietnamese culture.  The traditional long and white called “ao dai” symbolizes the custom traditions in Vietnam.  In this new day and age with technological growth and prosperity in the United States, the new Vietnamese generation has evolved itself with sophistication and determination.  This sophistication was represented by wearing professional white collar shirts and black sleek pants.  The tie that is worn with the collar shirt represents how the new generation is bringing Vietnam to the professional world.

Individuals then carry the beloved flag of Vietnam.  Like the Stars and Stripes, the Vietnamese flag is laden with symbolism and historical meaning, which makes Vietnamese Americans feel a great emotional bond with its "colors.

The Vietnamese flag has a yellow background and three horizontal red stripes along its entire length. The "golden yellow" has been the traditional color of Vietnam for over two thousand years. It is also the color of earth, as understood in universal scheme of five elements in Oriental cosmology. The three stripes represent three regions of Vietnam:  North, Central, and South Vietnam united as one in a national community. The vibrant red color of the stripes is the color of blood flowing through one's veins ; symbolic of Vietnam's unflagging struggle for independence throughout its recorded history. It is the banner around which all free Vietnamese identify themselves and rally, as long as the dream of a free Vietnam remains alive and well. The Vietnamsee Youth Foundation is a collaborative effort among youth and youth serving organizations to share information, knowledge and solutions to promote greater Vietnamese youth engagement.  The Vietnamese Youth Foundation creates the opportunity for every young Vietnamese who take positive action to improve our world-community by community. Free Vietnam Youth Group in Orange county is one of the 24 Vietnamese Youth  Foundation throughout the world.  The Vietnamese Youth Foundation was founded in Oklahoma in 1988.  Soon after that, we formed more groups within the United States, Australia and as well as in Europe.  Especially in California, we now have formed 3 groups which are located in San Diego, San Jose, and in Orange County.