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Host Vinh,  Lynne & guest Gayle Knight (center) and Cindy S. Nagamatsu Hanlon (right) from HOPE - Family Support Center, for more info visit  (www.hopebiz.com)

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Date Topics Guests
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07/01/04 Summer Activities Lynne, Vinh
06/17/04 The Meaning of the Vietnamese Flag Lynne, Vinh
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05/27/04 Prevent and provide intervention for at-risk families, especially children, stopping cycle of violence for next generation Representative for H.O.P.E Family Support Center
05/13/04 A Divorced Family, a Young Vietnamese Daughter's Story Thao, Jannette, Thuy & Guest
05/06/04 Nat'l Marrow Donor Program Chau Le
04/29/04 The meaning of April 30th, 1975 Dai Ngu, Duc Khue & Ha Kieu
04/22/04 Talk Forum - Asians in the Workplace Thao, Jannette & Thuy
04/15/04 Interview - Aaron Cohen - Asian women in America targeted for sex slave Aaron Cohen
04/08/04 Talk Forum - Vietnamese Parents & Dating Thao, Jannette & Thuy
04/01/04 Careers, Business & Entrepreneurs Quang, Son & Viet from ICE
03/25/04 Youth Dialogue with the Dalai Lama Anna Ress Campbell
03/18/04 Talk Forum - Vietnamese Parents Thao, Jannette & Thuy
03/11/04 Vietnamese History - Trinh Thi Trieu Lynne, Vinh
03/04/04 Vietnamese Teenage Study Dawn Vo
02/26/04 Importance of Voting Lynne, Vinh
02/19/04 Martial Arts Lynne, Vinh
02/12/04 Introduction to Asian Youth Radio Lynne, Vinh

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Host Lynne with Anna Campbell on
"Compassion & the Dalai Lama"

Introduction to Youth Radio
By 2005, it is estimated that over 4 million Vietnamese heritage will be living in the United States. Since the 1970’s, a large number of Vietnamese immigrants have emerged in the United States, in Orange County alone there are over 400,000 Vietnamese people living by American culture. Many Vietnamese have pursued the American dream through education, perseverance, and dedication. The Vietnamese people are emerging to become teachers, doctors, and political office holders.

But like many other culture, the Vietnamese youth of today have begun to forget their heritage, a four thousand year heritage that believes in freedom, democracy, and tradition. No longer do they value the roots of their people, their values, and their country, nor will they try to. With language barrier, it is difficult to persist the youth to acknowledge their own heritage. With lack of communication, the Vietnamese culture will be forgotten by their own sons and daughters.

In Southern California alone, there are an enormous number of Vietnamese language radio stations: Little Saigon Radio, Saigon Hai Ngoai Radio, Radio Free Vietnam, Radio Bolsa, etc., including many 24 hour radio stations. None have focused on the Vietnamese Youth that are unable to fully understand the Vietnamese language.
Asian American Youth Radio will be the first English talk radio program broadcasting to the Vietnamese community and reaching out to the Vietnamese Youth all around the world.

Host Lynne & guest Chau Le from the Asian for Miracle Marrow Matches
for info on Marrow Donor visit  (www.AsianMarrow.org)

Asian American Youth Radios intended as a comprehensive information program for those students, scholars, and community members interested in Vietnamese culture and history as well as the adaptation of the Vietnamese people across the world.

Talk Subjects Including:

  • Vietnamese News & Related.
  • Vietnamese Histories
  • Vietnamese Culture and Traditions.
  • Involvement in local Vietnamese Communities and activities.
  • Vietnamese parents.
  • Religious values, beliefs, and practices.
  • Academic performance.
  • Vietnamese young adults' perception of parenting styles and disciplinary practices.
  • Family & Friends.
  • Guest speakers.
  • Discussions and Feedback.

Host Lynne & guest Sonny, Quang & Viet with a few laughs
as they share their stories of starting their own business.



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