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Red RosePoetry
Poetry takes all life as its province. Its primary concern is not with beauty, not with philosophical truth, not with persuasion, but with experience. 

Beauty and philosophical truth are aspects of experience, and the poet is often engaged with them. But poetry as a whole is concerned with all kinds of experience -- beautiful or ugly, strange or common, noble or ignoble, actual or imaginary. One of the paradoxes of human existence is that all experience -- even painful experience -- is, for the good reader, enjoyable when transmitted through the medium of art. In real life, death and pain and suffering are not pleasurable, but in poetry they may be. In real life, getting soaked in a rainstorm is not pleasurable, but in poetry it can be. In actual life, if we cry, usually we are unhappy; but if we cry in a movie, we are manifestly enjoying it. We do not ordinarily like to be terrified in real life, but we sometimes seek movies or books that will terrify us. We find some value in all intense living. To be intensely alive is the opposite of being dead. To be dull, to be bored, to be imperceptive is in one sense to be dead. Poetry comes to us bringing life and therefore pleasure. Moreover, art focuses and organizes experience so as to give us a better understanding of it. And to understand life is partly to be master of it.


Co ngi cho rang neu the gii vang i s ton tai cua tnh yeu th cuoc song se tr thanh vo ngha.  ieu o co le cung chang quan trong v the gii nay se khong bao gi thieu vang tnh yeu.  Ai cung a tng i qua mot ngay xa, tng cat gi trong tim mot bong hnh nao o ma gi ay co le a khong con thuoc ve mnh na.  Biet bao nhieu dong th a chay th dong thi gian mang theo bao tam s cua hang van cuoc tnh.  Nhng thi s a dung th e cat gi trong o nhng manh tnh buon vui, th mong cua mnh.

Nhng trang th nay nh mot nhp cau e cung ban chia se va duy tr net lang mang cua van th Viet Nam.  Biet ay ban co the tm lai c mot phut xa xa cua chnh mnh trong mot bai th nao o.


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